Thursday, October 4, 2007

Celebrating with the "C" dogs...

Ralph/Koala puppies, Cachet (Dale) Camber and Canby are all looking wonderful for their big 12th birthday. Thanks to Carole and Rich for hosting a fun and festive birthday brunch. Along with Christy and Mark, Allen and Butch and the Russel and I, we celebrated the special day with delicous food and drink. Now it's on to lucky year 13!

Canby RHM, loving life in San Rafael

Cachet (Dale) LSF, loving life in San Francisco and Duncans Mills, and here she is pictured with her litter of 9 pups: Kensington, Kincaid, Knox, Kovax, Kenwood, Katie, Kelsey, Kenzie and Kona.

Camber RSF, loving life in San Francisco, and soon in Palm Springs

And here's Camber and Canby, looking identical. Camber in her new sweater, and Canby winking at the world! Gotta love those Goldens.....

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