Friday, December 21, 2007

Palm Springs - Our escape to the Quiet Side...

From construction to completion, we're excited to see our new Palm Springs home become a reality. Located on the northside, it's very close to the famous Aerial Tram, where North Indian Canyon meets San Rafael Road.

Our trusty (yet not "blow-out" free) U-Haul delivered the first load of furniture, and after a visit to the local consignment shop we've just about filled up the new place. Thanks again to JR and Curtis for helping us on moving day.

Looking down from the aerial tramway, here's our new neighborhood. They're the world's largest rotating tramcars where you're able to snowshoe and crosscountry ski during the winter, and incredible vistas and hiking throughout the year.

So much to see and do in Palm Springs. We're starting to make our list of favorite restaurants and hang-outs, and we're looking forward to having family and friends visit soon...!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas to all....!!

Here are a couple festive Christmas photos on the Guide Dog campus of Mick and Allen, Camber and Dale. They'll be boarding together while Allen and Butch head off to Mexico, and while Mick and the Russel head down to Goleta and Palm Springs. We hope you all will have safe travels to destinations close and far-away.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Volcano Thanksgiving 2007

An incredibly delicious Thanksgiving was had by all in beautiful Volcano, California. A big thanks to Doreen for her gracious hospitality.........she's the best!

Doreen, the Russel, Ginger, Jenna, Jolene and Elsa......the most fun in one little town.

Local boy Matt joined in the festivities, along with Jenna and proud mom Jolene.

And the dogs were all on their best behavior, Camber, Sparks and Booji. Lovin' life on the top of the mountain...

And no Thanksgiving would be special without a tour of Volcano, population 101. We ventured into town to visit Elsa at the St. George Hotel, and to also "do the sights" (don't blink, you might miss the town).

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Year of Guide Dog Puppies...

So many cute puppy pictures, so little time. Whether it's the new Guide Dog pups being socialized here in San Rafael, on one of their many puppy adventures with their raisers, or traveling along with the puppy trucks, here are some fun pics of our GDB pups in action. And stay tuned for more...

"Blakemore" making his debut, socializers loving the pups, "Max" during his first photo shoot...

"Charmie" greeting the world, more pups in action...

Lee and Stevie in Oregon, "Beckham," Ian and "Donnalee" in Goleta, "Tango" in Fresno, "Cosgrove" working on his tan...

"Heaven" at Hartford Family Winery, "Boomer" in costume, "Andera" and "Gucci" napping, "Garfield" all dressed up.

Our Puppy Trucks travel to 8 western states, delivering new pups to their raisers, and picking up dogs returning to one of our campuses to begin their official guide dog training.
Visit us on-line to learn more about Guide Dogs for the Blind, where we also have videos about our different programs:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

James Beard Foundation / Taste America

Fun was had by all at this year's Taste America event at the St Regis Hotel in San Francisco.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Junior is loving life in the Alexander Valley...

Our friends ask what's been happening with our Junior-boy, and we'd like to let everyone know how well he is doing up in the Alexander Valley. He now has acres of romping room, two new buddies to hang out with everyday, lots of animals to visit and 150 new olive trees for marking. Here are some recent photos of Junior in his new environment. Lots of thanks and love to Nicole for letting have him live on her property. Stay tuned for more updates.

Blackberry and O'Malley are Junior's ranch-mates, and they've all seemed to bond
together quite nicely.