Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time to share some fun pics.....walking down memory lane.

A young Rudy, in his Sunday finest, the Aguilera clan loving life on Zink Avenue, young Anthony and Mick bundled up on San Francisco's Twin Peaks, and all of us kids packed in to the old Rambler.

Russel and Jolene, and Russel and Bunny.

Dale, loving life on Freezeout Road, watching the SF Giants with Allen and Camber, and Dale meeting her graduate son, Kincade, at GDB graduation, August 1999.

Fun Groups - Russel with Guerneville's Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Mickey with Cosgrove, J2 and J1, and post-Holiday Luncheon activities in 2006.

And of course have to have some fun doggie pics - Camber and Junior at their first portrait sitting, Guerneville's finest Akita, Moochie, Wilma loving life in San Francisco, Pumpkin at her new home in Alexander Valley, Venice and her balloons, and Volcano's finest, Booji.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful photos, i need to send you one of my pooch so you can include him too!!