Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kay Bess - A wonderful evening of music...

We were all treated to a wonderful show by one of the best singers we know, our good friend Kay Bess. She dazzled the audience at the SOhO Restaurant and Music Club in downtown Santa Barbara, where a full house of church family and friends had a wonderful evening with Kay and her band. We were also treated to special guest Katrina Carlson, who is also a wonderful singer. Congratulations Kay and Katrina.

We're looking forward to seeing and hearing her perform again soon, hopefully in our hometown of Santa Barbara, or even better, up in our neck of the woods, San Francisco. Visit Kay's MySpace page for some samples of her music:

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Kay Bess said...

Miguel, you are such a love for saying such nice things! It was SO wonderful to see you this past May. I'll be in SB full time starting the end of July, and will be singing more often too :-) You'll never know how much I love you and your family! Mwah!!!! Kay